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Star Wars: The Theater Menace

Star Wars: The Theater Menace

Not many nights ago, at a theater nearby stood a boy in a line, so excited he could die waiting there for hours, his new hope, a good seat to watch rebels triumph, an evil empire to defeat; yet as the hour grew late, each moment bringing nearer the return of his Jedi, the boy’s dream so much clearer he was starting to doze, then fast found himself alone rushing through a field, under attack by an armed clone

Or a stormtrooper, rather, with an army by his side led by some ghostly menace, red faced, evil-eyed; he soon recognized the man, the leader of the attack, an apprentice of the Sith from an empire striking back, and discerned his mission, for a Jedi he now was, to stop this Sith vengeance, to defend a just cause

So he drew his light saber and engaged his dark foe using his force powers, as the field turned to snow, then to lava, to water; to mountain, then to sand, the fight seemingly endless, trailing through every land, the enemy not relenting, child standing toe to toe, giving the Sith his all, each blow exchanged for blow

“There is no hope for you,” the sinister phantom grinned, “the Jedi now sleep, swept away by a new wind.” “Not ever as I live,” the boy defiantly replied and then striking forward, his light saber to glide landing true on its mark, the Sith collapsing, lamenting, as his army in shambles, far below, was relenting

From a cliff the boy watched it, the scene slowly fading til came a force shaking, his mind suddenly awaking; “You alive?” a voice asked him, the boy rising to see the theater long since empty, but how could that be? yet he realized how, as the clerk saw him out for he’d truly awoken, a Jedi Master, no doubt

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