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Prolific Writing: I'm Alive

For most of you, this is your first time seeing the new blog and site. Isn't it great? Definitely a step up from where things were. It took a bit longer than I was hoping, but here we are, ready to launch a new website, a new brand (doesn't the logo look great???), and a new beginning.

If you're new to Prolific Writing, let me give you a brief history:

I put together Thirteen Crossroads Publishing back at the start of 2015. It was my way of premiering as an author and starting a grand experiment. I published several books and stories throughout the year as I figured out just what I wanted to get done with all this. I learned a lot, started blogging, and just kept myself busy as life, marriage, and career all colided together.

At the end of all that, life moves on, and I know just what I want: to write imaginatively and quickly so that I can move from adventure to adventure without looking back. This site is easy to manage and update, blog and all. This means most of my efforts can go to writing instead of marketing. Trust me, it's exciting, and you'll start seeing the fruits in the coming months.

I'll keep things brief here and end. For now, explore the new site, get a feel for things, and sign up for the newsletter to get periodic updates. Expect news on the Outcast Series later this week, including the release of Part I's final chapter.

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