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Where I've Been

Unlike this cow, I haven't been taking it easy in some serene mountain meadow. Life and work have been crazy. I wish I could just sit and write my stories, blogs, and poems all day, but it's not always like that. You'll see this now and again, but I'll always be back.

So now what?

Well, a couple things.

First, The Boy Who Chased the Sun continues to come along nicely. Second, The Outcast and the Survivor is getting a facelift. I'm reviewing part I and making some tweaks to the story. All of this will be published in a complete story early summer. It really is a special story, and I look forward to where it will be in its final state.

As for the next few weeks, I've got a few poems around the corner. I haven't published any in a while, so it's about time.

Thank you all for following along. I hope life is good.

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