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Update on the Slowdown

The above picture pretty much describes how things have been lately. My work as a business writer for a tech company keeps requiring more and more of my time, and my mom needs a lot more help as she builds her business as well. The result: writing has slowed to a glacier pace.

But if it wasn't just that, there's still be more lately. I'm having to force myself to write when I have time and energy, and that's not fun. It's why a lot of people get burnt out, and I don't want it to be like that. So for right now, I'm taking the dates off the website for when things are ready.

This will probably be for a few months as other things in my life get sorted out. But I want you to know that I'm still moving forward, even if it's slow. I chose the glacier metaphor because those of you who have read my stories know that it's fun stuff. I appreciate whenever you reach out to me to let me know how much you enjoyed something I came up with.

Thank you, your words mean so much to me.

The stories are still coming. The Outcast is still in rewrite. Broken Journey is being re-outlined because of some major changes I'm putting at the start of the book. And everything else for now is on hold.

I hope you all have an awesome spring. Perhaps there will be some surprise announcements in store from me if the winds blow just right. I'll keep you in the know; thanks for following along!

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