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Trevor's Stories

I enjoy writing in a variety of genres. There's fantasy, science fiction, action & adventure, and more. I often just come up with an idea, build an outline, and get typing. Below, you'll find a synopsis on what I have published so far and links to get them on Amazon. I hope you find something that you'll enjoy. 

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The Outcast and the Survivor Series


Kaela, a princess of the kingdom of Kalepo, has never been beyond the city walls. Few in the kingdom ever have, save the soldiers sworn to protect it from an unnamed evil that lurks in the mist beyond the cliffs that border the kingdom. But when a secret her father whispers on his death bed leads to her exile, a journey begins for Kaela, who must escape her sister's guards and brave the descent into the mist and the world beyond.

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The Mines


A group of college students treks deep into the Peruvian Amazon to find themselves being chased into an ancient Inca mine by more than just a storm. When one member of the group is attacked and another goes missing, it immediately feels like none of them will see home again.

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Crystal Palace Front Cover Web.jpg


Three people hold the fate of the kingdom in their hands: Adria, the princess of Khyrah; Alec, her adopted brother; and Farrow, a young man whose family became trapped in the mountain valley by illness. When an empire threatens war and destruction, each has a part to play save their home.

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Crystal Palace: the Coming Storm
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Crashing from Heaven


Aaron isn't the worrying type, but he had doubts about this trip halfway around the world with his pregnant wife, who insisted they visit friends in Korea despite an energy crisis and the global threat of war. When the plane is turned around due to rising tensions between East and West, Aaron's nightmare comes to life as conflict breaks miles above the Pacific.

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