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Stories on the Horizon

I've got a plan on what's ahead. It's a long one. 

  • The Outcast and the Survivor parts 2 and 3

  • The Broken Journey (3 planned books)

  • Distant Souls (3 planned books)

  • The Boy Who Chased the Sun (novel)

  • Crystal Palace: The Coming Storm (refresh)

  • Future Crystal Palace books

  • The Mines (expanded as a full novel)

  • A few untitled novels

  • Short story anthologies for each story universe

    • Crystal Palace​

    • Outcast and the Survivor

    • Broken Journey

    • Distant Souls

Stay tuned here and on social media to keep up to date. I'll give updates and teasers on this page as future works advance from ideas to fleshed out synopses.

Anchor 1
The Broken Journey


Gabriel crossed the Wastelands to escape a tyrannical government that has taken everything from him. But when he reaches the other side, he finds the ghosts of his past beckoning him home.


The outline is completed; now is the time to draft, my favorite part. This story is years in the making, and the narrative is finally starting to take form!

Anchor 2
The Boy Who Chased the Sun


A forgotten legend becomes the obsession of a young traveller as he races around the world seeking the truth of a mythical child who chased the sun across the sky.


This story went through a few drafted outlines before I settled on how I wanted it to turn out. Now, with a couple of chapters completed, things are starting to come together.

Anchor 3
Distant Souls


There is a place where peace persists, science produces miracles, and faith is a forbidden relic of the past. But when a child starts seeing visions of a girl from another world, he will stop at nothing to seek her out in a quest he must hide from everyone.


This story still has a long way to come. I've outlined the whole series from start to end, but I feel changes coming before I start drafting the first one.

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