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Bury the Shadows

Bury the Shadows

In glow of new days, we oft glance behind at heirlooms of pasts left frozen in time as they stand defiant, hiding light from our view planting doubt within, our souls’ worth to skew

For some, it seems right to just leave them there ignoring the hurt, though their shadows impair and fog the way forward, a blight of good hope all joys quickly fleeting, cast away as men cope

Yet in truth, our regrets, we all should entreat and briefly, at times, our ghouls must we greet from sojourns of folly when hope sown would not reap to finish those memories even if we must weep

Bury them, we ought, with time and gentle care, not in forgetting, but through such things stay aware of heartache, of joy, of all sorrow once bleeding to accept the risks that we all take in breathing

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