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My Own Legend

My Own Legend

Atlas, great titan who divides heaven from earth, who in your strained arms bear the hope in all birth how stay you so strong, so vigilant, so true as you keep it all up the way that you do?

Do you worry you’ll slip, or wish that you could? with such precious cargo, how’s temptation withstood for though my load’s lesser, still I’m enticed to fall and yet here you stand, so great and so tall

I suppose I should see you and find strength in me, but instead I’m ashamed, seeing all I could be the person I imagined as a child, long gone left here to wonder how it all went so wrong

Yet I won’t let this image decree a dark fate, and I won’t let this sorrow tell me it’s too late for I’ve got air to breathe, and good hope still to find my own legend to write, of my own unique kind

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