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Exciting News For January 11th

So before I get to business, this happened last night:

Exciting, right? I agree. The date will be July 29th, and it can’t come fast enough


This Coming Week

Despite all the craziness of proposing and then planning a wedding–and working mind you, I’ve still got some stuff for you. I’m looking to have the Chapter 12 Outcast Cover on Instagram Wednesday, with Chapter 12 itself being published by the end of the week. Kristen and I will be heading down to Vegas to spend the weekend with her family after the big news, so I want to get it all done before then.

If Chapter 12 is not done this week, I will at least have another blog entry out Thursday, this one about proposals and marriage (might as well with where I am right now in life). As always, thank you for following along.

Some Other Notes

With these weekly updates, I’m seeing an opportunity to keep you more informed on the day-to-day stuff, my goals and deadlines, as well as just life. Think of it as a Trevor/Writing blog. So, here are some quick points.

  • Still debating between Wix and Weebly for the web design aspects of the new site. With Weebly, I gain more control, but with Wix, it is less maintenance.

  • Chapter 12 of Outcast has come together nicely. I’m having it edited and reviewed this week to make sure I got the ending right. That will account for most of the delay.

  • New Branding and company naming stuff is still up in the air. I have a few ideas I’m playing with, but I don’t want to say anything until I’ve settled on things.

With those updates, I wish you all a great week!

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