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January 25th – The End of Thirteen Crossroads

It is crazy to think that just a year ago, I was publishing my first novel, Crystal Palace. A lot happened in 2015 with Thirteen Crossroads Publishing. I learned a lot, and I am very proud of all that I was able to accomplish. To sum it up, here is a list of what I was able to get out to you.

  • Crystal Palace: The Coming Storm – this story of a princess searching for a king and a kingdom under the shadow of treachery and war began it all.

  • The Mines – a group of college students venture into Incan ruins, only to find that there are dark forces at work below the light of day.

  • Crashing from Heaven – a husband and his pregnant wife are above the Pacific as a war breaks out between eastern and western forces, sending their plane plummeting toward the Pacific.

  • The Tradesman – A young merchant who finds purpose in a mysterious place as he treks the high mountains above the Southern Plains.

  • A Journey South – An orphaned child escapes to the Southern Plains chasing a secretive past that tore his family apart.

  • The Dead Seas – Two thieves reach a small island near the Dead Seas, whose residents have vanished, including the boatsman who brought them there.

  • Falcon of the Night – A spy awaits his execution in a city tower when an old journal bearing the mysterious life of his mentor crosses his path.

  • The Outcast and the Survivor: Part I – A princess exiled from her kingdom discovers the lies surrounding her homeland, her father’s plot to change its destiny forever, and the mysterious Ethereal Plains that hide entire worlds beneath the cloudy mists that hide them.

To go along with these exciting adventures, I have started a new job with a fantastic company, Qualtrics, as a proposal writer and met the love of my life, whom I will marry on July 29th of this year.

With all that I’ve learned in designing my own website and marketing my brand, I have discovered better and simpler ways to do things. In order to make sure I can get more stories out to you quicker, I have built a new website and rebranded with a new name, both of which will be easier to maintain so I can focus almost 100% of my time on writing stories and blogs.

You’ll have to wait a little while before I officially debut all that, but I wanted to start giving more details, since I’ve only been alluding to the changes.

As for this week, it’s a standard 2 blog one. Tuesday, there will be an entry from the Sunday Blog, and Thursday there will be an entry from the Blog of Life. Soony, you will also see the release of the end of Part I for the Outcast series.

Thank you all for your support, and I hope you all have an awesome week!

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