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Wake Up Again

Wake Up Again

Oft times are days when as we wake,

we feel within a familiar quake,

to groan and say, "Twas that not past?

that broken heart was not to last."

Yet there we lie distilled with grief

disillusioned by lost belief

that this would pass if only dull

instead to suffer, mind and soul

What shall we do among such strife

to waken pierced with bitter knife

and lie until the tears pool red

left disheartened, cold, near dead?

That is for each to find a way

some hope beyond the coming day

still courage take, for all's not lost

there's warmth to melt the coldest frost!

Though fires burn among distant stars

they too burn in this world of ours

and if you choose to wake again

you will find place to warm, my friend

Courage, awake, I beg have trust

shake off the cross, the nails, the dust

and let them rust, for time shall see

bitterness to fade, your soul to free

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