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Since I've been Gone: The Month Ahead

There are times in life that are just straight up fun and joyful, and I've been doing my best to enjoy this one with Kristen. We got married on July 29th, went through Vegas and then on a Mexican cruise for a week, and finally got home only to stay in an Air B&B while we closed on and moved into a new townhouse. It's been exhausting for a few weeks, but things are starting to calm down.

In memoriam of the last month (today, the 29th, is our one month anniversary), I'm sharing our wedding video for your enjoyment.

The Month Ahead

This week is the first since January that I've had nothing to do. That means back to writing. To let me focus on publishing, I'll only be doing one blog post a week for a while. On the novels and short stories side, I'm fighting to get something published by the end of September, though I won't reveal just what it is yet (update in a couple weeks).

So, with that, let me get to it. More to come next week!

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