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The Princess and Her Creatures

The Princess and Her Creatures

There once was a princess, young and fair, who dreamed of creatures to be found nowhere some of them soaring high in day's light others creeping 'round in the dark night

She dreamed of them all in a great tower tall there trapped for years by a fiend above all who not understanding had judged her mad her father, the king; it made her quite sad

Until one night, while she stood looking out sobbing sad sobs, heart drenched wet with doubt, she spied a bird flying, as fast came a thought, a plan to escape, which her heart gladly caught

Her creatures could save her, of this was she sure, so she told the bird of a distant, dark moor where he'd find a winged horse, one with stout heart to beckon it come, then they three could depart

Though he, faithful, returned in just one day, the horse frightened her, so she sent it away for the one she'd imagined was not quite so fierce,

while this one before her, her heart with dread pierced

Still, the bird searched onward, his princess to free she dreaming one day her true creatures to see and with them have peace, her shackles to loose in worlds of her making, no man to abuse

This pattern repeating, each day, new fears, her bird, not discouraged, keeping strong for years 'til one day, accusing, she put him at fault her words like venom, wounds filling with salt

The bird not returning, she couldn't escape failing to see this sad truth 'til too late that her creatures had come, just as a dream imperfect, yet perfect, with hopes to redeem

"It's lost," she thought, fuming, despairing

while at a sunset, she longingly stood staring,

and threw herself down, the end quickly looming

until near the rocks, came winged help swooping,

A friend, not forgetting, who'd hidden nearby

unable to abandon, with vigilant, loving eye

having grown to great size, in hopes of saving,

a princess forgiven of her misbehaving

Together they flew, far away where it's said

neither of them tasted of death's bitter dread,

toward clouds where the princesses's creatures are found

where she, as their queen, could finally be crowned

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