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Another Quick Update

A metaphor of where I end up when make promises I don't live up to. ;)

To be honest, my writing has been pretty slow lately. There hasn't been much "prolific" about it, and I apologize.

The fact is, life and work are keeping me extremely busy, and there is a gap between what I want to do and what I have energy and time to do. Still, I'm working on publishing a revised print version of The Outcast and the Survivor, as well as publishing The Boy Who Chased the Sun. My goal is to get it all out by Christmas, but we will see.

But in the meantime, I'm going to be focusing on poetry. As I wrote early last week with my last political blip, I don't really feel like talking politics--or things of that sort--for a while. Poetry is beautiful and simple, and I find a lot of peace writing it.

So while I'm working on the other stories I'm trying to get published, I'll also be experimenting more and more with poetry, including new topics and structures. Should be a lot of fun.

In sum, I'm chugging away, and more poetry to come. Have a great weekend!

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