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Falcon of the Night - A Short Story

It is nighttime in Lyndwald, a serene lakeside city tucked into the hills of the Northern Kingdom, but there is no peace for Liam, a captured spy imprisoned in one of the city's towers. With torture and execution already awaiting him in the morning, he learns that Karsa, his mentor, has killed himself in his cell. Hopelessness sets in, that is until Karsa's journal finds its way into Liam's hands.

I am highlighting my short story Falcon of the Night this week. It is one of my favorite short stories I've ever written. Here are a couple reviews I received for it:

"After reading and enjoying this, I was reminded of Patrick Rothfuss' The Name of the Wind, and the movie Spy Game. There is darkness, mystery, mentorship, deceit and misdirection in this tale of spies in bygone ages."

"Extremely well written and worth the read. The characters seem alive, fleshed out, and this story will leave your heart aching for them until the end. A great sense of mystery and the eventual unraveling of the lives and secret plans of spies is makes this an easy one-sitting read."

Read Falcon of the Night on your favorite apps (free everywhere but Amazon).

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