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A Way Back, a Way Forward

It has been a while since I've written a poem. I wanted something short and simple that expresses the fear I'm feeling right now about my writing. The fear that my effort to write stories read and enjoyed by thousands is in vain. That no one will notice I failed or judge me for giving up when the uphill battle to achieve the success I hope to find is so great and my life already so blessed.

A Way Back, a Way Forward

I stumbled toward a crossroad,

far from where I want to be

the path forward uncertain

dark doubt glaring back at me

stopping, staring, I breathe slow

"come home," whispers whence I came,

"no one here will criticize

nor judge, nor seek to defame"

except me, so I go on,

seeing a glow here or there,

"create the light," I mumble

"spark the air and it will flare"

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