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A Price for Dreams

I'm back to say hello and give you a poem.

I realize I've neglected you, but it's so that I can be singularly focused on writing more than an hour a day. You just haven't gotten to see any of that. It's hard to work full time, have other part time obligations, and also write.

Still, there's a price to pay for making this writing work, and part of that is making sure I'm sending you stories, poetry, essays, and more even while I'm entrenched getting the big stuff done.

So, here you are, a Tuesday poem about, of course, making dreams happen.

A Price for Dreams

There comes, in time, a price to pay

for dreams we wish to sew

to put aside, not justify

the things that make us slow

for dreaming reaps a formless world

a world we cannot share

so in the work I do today

I’ll build something, somewhere

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